Eyeglasses Warranties & Exchange Policy

At Emerald Eye Care, we aim to provide the utmost quality when addressing your eye health. Our ongoing commitment involves enhancing our customer service and optimizing your clinic visit every time. We understand the importance of clear vision and reliable eyewear, which is why we offer a wide range of warranty and exchange services to address any concerns you may have.

Frame warranty

This warranty provides coverage for any issues arising from manufacturing defects in the glasses frame for a duration of one year from the purchase date. This encompasses concerns related to the frame’s material and construction. Warranty excludes value package deals.

What’s included:

  • Frame repair: Should the glasses frame encounter a defect within the warranty’s scope, we will undertake repair tasks without any cost. Our adept technicians will diligently reinstate the frame to its original state, ensuring a snug and secure fit.
  • Frame replacement: In scenarios where proper repair is unfeasible, we’ll substitute the frame with one that mirrors the original or closely resembles it from our selection. Our commitment lies in ensuring your eyewear experience remains confident and satisfying.

10-day non-prescription sunglasses exchange policy

We take pride in offering you non-prescription sunglasses of the highest quality. We understand that sometimes preferences can change, or situations might arise where you’d like to make a switch. That’s why we’ve crafted our hassle-free 10-day sunglasses exchange policy.


  • Verification of transaction: For all exchanges, a proof of purchase by receipt or order verification is needed.
  • Condition of sunglasses: To meet the criteria for an exchange, the non-prescription sunglasses must be in a satisfactory state, devoid of any marks, impairments, or indications of use.
  • Initial packaging: The sunglasses are expected to be given back in their original packaging, inclusive of the casing, fabric, and any accompanying add-ons.

Please note:

  • The 10-day exchange policy is applicable only to sunglasses that are in good condition and meet the eligibility criteria mentioned above.
  • This policy does not cover sunglasses that have been scratched, damaged, or show signs of wear.
  • Exchanges are subject to the availability of the desired sunglasses in our collection.

At Emerald Eye Care, we’re here to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your sunglasses purchase. Feel free to reach out to our customer service team if you have any questions or need assistance with the exchange process.

Prescription lenses warranty

For one year starting from the purchase date, our warranty provides coverage for the replacement of your prescription lenses in the event of manufacturing defects or conditions that impact your visual clarity. Our commitment is unwavering in ensuring that you reap the complete advantages of your eyewear. Warranty excludes value package deals.


  • Visual precision: In cases where you have visual discomfort with your prescription lenses, rest assured that our warranty covers their replacement to restore your eyesight.
  • Purchase verification: To facilitate the handling of any warranty claims, the submission of a valid proof of purchase, such as a receipt or order confirmation, is mandatory.
  • Manufacturing imperfections: Our warranty encompasses concerns attributed to manufacturing defects, which could encompass irregularities in lens composition, coatings, or optical function.
  • Original prescription: The warranty is exclusively applicable to the initial prescription furnished at the point of purchase.

Lifetime service adjustments and cleaning

With our lifetime service adjustments and cleaning, we’re with you every step of the way, making sure your frames fit perfectly and look their best.

What’s included:

  • Frame adjustments: Our skilled eyewear experts are at your service for fine-tuning your frame, moving nose pad placement for the perfect feel and adjusting temple arms for a secure fit.
  • Cleaning and polishing: Our lifetime cleaning and polishing guarantee includes cleaning your frames to keep them looking sharp, removing fingerprints and smudges from lenses and giving your frames a polished finish that brings out their original luster.


As much as we’d like to make things unlimited, the following conditions apply:

  • Tailored exclusively for frames you’ve purchased from Emerald Eye Care.
  • While we’re here to help, damage due to accidents, misuse, or neglect isn’t covered.
  • Any unauthorized alterations or adjustments done outside our shop void this service.
  • The availability of this service is subject to our discretion.

Protect your eye health today with our comprehensive warranties.

Ask about our direct billing

We are pleased to offer you the convenience of direct billing to your insurance company, eliminating the need for you to handle paperwork, claims, or lengthy phone calls. Our goal is to simplify the process of eye care and eyewear purchases for you. We have a wide range of supported insurance providers.

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