Contact Lens Eye Exams in Victoria, BC

Experience exceptional vision care at Emerald Eye Care, where your clear sight and eye health come first. Our specialized contact lens exam guarantees a perfect fit, excellent eye health, and unmatched comfort. With our contact lens fitting, training and annual exam services, you can get evaluated and choose from a wide range of high-quality contact lenses for a personalized touch. Schedule your contact lens exam at Emerald Eye Care today for optimal eye health and unparalleled ease.

Contact Lenses in Victoria BC - Optometry Services

Contact lens fitting and training

Experience a range of contact lens options, including the latest disposables, multifocal, extended wear, and toric lenses. Whether you’re a seasoned or first-time contact lens wearer, our adept specialists are at your service. Count on us for impeccable fitting and personalized contact lens training.

Annual contact lens eye exams

Explore the benefits of our annual contact lens exam. Our skilled optometrists provide personalized care, evaluating contact lens fit on the cornea for clear vision and comfort. Detect changes proactively and gain reassurance. Include this vital exam into your annual routine by booking an appointment today.

Why you should get contact lens fitting and training

The journey of contact lens fitting and training is a comprehensive process focused on ensuring the utmost comfort, clear vision, and self-assuredness in the use and maintenance of contact lenses. It starts with a thorough eye examination led by a skilled optometrist, assessing your eye health, prescription, and specific eye attributes.

Subsequently, the optometrist carefully selects suitable contact lens choices tailored to your requirements, such as daily disposables, monthly lenses, or specialized options for astigmatism or presbyopia. Trial lenses are then meticulously fitted onto your eyes, gauging their comfort and alignment to guarantee precise positioning on your cornea for an enriched visual experience.

By delivering tailored comfort, improved vision, and expert support, this process empowers you to embrace the benefits of contact lenses while ensuring optimal eye well-being and newfound flexibility in your daily pursuits.

Why you should get an annual contact lens exam

Contact lenses rest on the surface of your cornea, the sensitive outer layer of your eye. Problems with the fit or material of the lenses can affect your eye health.That’s why it’s important to have yearly contact lens exams as a routine part of your eye care.

These exams help ensure that your lenses fit properly on your cornea, allowing for comfort, clear vision, and overall eye well-being. Incorporating regular contact lens exams into your routine demonstrates your commitment to maintaining good vision and taking care of your eye health.

What’s the difference between a contact lens exam and a general eye exam?

A contact lens exam and a general eye exam serve distinct but complementary purposes in maintaining eye health and visual clarity. The focus of a contact lens exam is to evaluate the eyes with precision for the specific purpose of fitting and prescribing contact lenses. This involves assessing factors like corneal curvature, tear film quality, and the ideal size and type of contacts for an individual’s eyes.

In contrast, a general eye exam, also known as a comprehensive eye exam, offers a comprehensive evaluation of overall eye health and visual acuity. It encompasses a broader spectrum, including tests for eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration, as well as the assessment of refractive errors and ocular muscle coordination.

Whether it’s an annual exam or your first time, contact us now to schedule your tailored contact lens exam. Our experienced team at Emerald Eye Care is here to ensure your lenses provide ultimate comfort and support your eye health.

Invest in clear vision at emerald eye care by booking an appointment today.

Ask about our direct billing

We are pleased to offer you the convenience of direct billing to your insurance company, eliminating the need for you to handle paperwork, claims, or lengthy phone calls. Our goal is to simplify the process of eye care and eyewear purchases for you. We have a wide range of supported insurance providers.

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